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WARNING! Don’t Pay Money to anyone  from this FORUM Pertaining to any Admission or Nursing form Support. Myschooltalk Official Contact Remain +2349063548595 Or Chat with our Staff Online. Please Don't be a victim.

2017 neco runs

With My strategy as applied to NECO JAMB and WAEC candidates last year! It's going to be much better as answers would come to your Phone Number mid-night, the day before exam, or latest 3hours before the exam starts! Its been running ever since! And working but these questions are gotten with highest of risk and much cash involved in getting papers from reliable source.

Our Team will send the Objective answers to your Phone inbox but the Theory & Practical answers/solutions will be sent directly into the special forum for the subscribe ones 3 hours to the exam,so pls ensure that you provide us with a working & correct Phone Number. Due to d huge number of Waec and Neco candidates we are to assist and attend to, we decided to make this program a first subscribe first serve runz i.e if you subscribe early u will be treated earlier. So if i were u i will be making arrangements on how to subscribe asap because this is not a child's play!

* English Language * Mathematic

Computer studies Theory/practical *

Biology *

Civic Education*


* Physics

* Chemistry

* Economics

* Commerce

* Financial Accounting

* Literature In English

* Agricultural Science

* Animal Husbandry

* Government

* Geography

* C.R.K * Further Maths

* Yoruba Language

* Igbo Language

* Hausa Language

* Biology Practica

l * Physics Practical

* Geography practical

* Chemistry Practical

* Agric Science Practical



Below are the Prices for the Runs;


1 subject ( obj/eassy)= N 800

(i) 2 Subjects (OBJ & Eassy) = N1700.

(ii) 3 Subjects (OBJ & Eassy) = N2700.

(iii) 4 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy)Practicals) = N4000.

(iv) 5 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N4500.

(v) 6 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N5200.

(vi) 7 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N6000.

(vii) 8 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N6500.

(viii) 9 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N7000.

(ix) All Subjects VIP (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N12500.(VIP WHATSAPP GROUP)


1 Subject (Practical Only/LINK PASSWORD ) = N500 each.

(i) 1 Subject (OBJ & Eassy) = N1000 each.

(ii) 2 Subjects (OBJ & Eassy) = N2000.


3 Subjects (OBJ & Eassy) = N3000.

(iv) 4 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N4800.

(v) 5 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N5500.

(vi) 6 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N6500.

(vii) 7 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N7500.

(viii) 8 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N8500.

(ix) 9 Subjects (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N9000.

(x) All Subjects VIP (OBJ, Eassy & Practicals) = N14000.(VIP WHATSAPP GROUP)


If you need the our Account Number & Details;  Send Your Username Now to 09063548595 including a request for Bank Account Details. It will be sent you immediately we verify Your Username.


1.BANK PAYMENT: (a.) Pay any of the above Mentioned Amount for (i.e. For Full Subject) to Our Bank Account. (If you need our  Bank Account Number & Details, Simply Send your Username to 09063548595 Indicating that to you need Our Bank Account Details. It will be sent to you immediately your Username Is Verified)

(b.) After payment, send the following to 09063548595:-

1. Depositor Name:

2. Phone Number:

3. Paid Subject(s):

4. Amount Paid:

5. Date of Payment:

  6. Exam: (ie. NECO)


(a.) Send  MTN Card worth of the above mentioned Amount For VIA RECHARGE CARD to


(b.) Send the PIN along with your details:- (i.) Your Username. (ii.) Phone Number. (iii.) Your Paid subjects(s). (iv) Exam: (ie. NECO) .


You'll receive the Solutionss from us 15mins immediately exam start. - You'll receive all the correct Solutionss of all the Asked Problems for the Subject(s) you paid for (i.e. For OBJ, Essay, Practical Or Both) direct to Your Phone as text Messages. - Subscription for any subject ends 10pm, A day before the Exam starts. - You'll receive a confirmatory text message once your payment is confirmed.  

ASKED ProblemS:

Below are some of the Problems that we frequently receive from our subscribers.

Problem: When should I pay for the Subscription and is it too early to pay now?

Solutions: Payment is open and we encourage early payment to ensure efficiency Service. Paying now is early and the best. Problem: How will you know that I have paid into your Account?

Solutions:Yes, the bank will send us an SMS and Email alert that someone with name (Your Depositor Name) has paid some amount (Amount Paid) into our account on (Date & Time). Problem: How will you know the subjects that am paying for, my Phone Number and how should I send my details?

Solutions: After the payment, send your details in form of text message to 09063548595 only.

Problem: I was just introduced to this now or I just registered now as member to see this And the Subscription for Today's paper has Closed.

Solutions: You don't need to subscribe when the Subscription has already closed that's why we prefer early payment.

Problem: Can we bargain on this above mentioned prices?

Solutions: NO, because it's already fixed and we are working as a Team. No one can change it..

Problem: Am I permitted to be paying per subject through Bank/Recharge Card?

Solutions: YES, you can be paying per subject only through recharge Card provided that the Subscription has not closed for the subject, because Subscription always closed 10hrs before exam Commencement. FOR MORE TALK : Send your Problems now as Text Messages to 09063548595



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